FROG Walker

Voyar is introducing with its FROG assistive walker a more effective gait training and support solution for users with mobility impairments.

Clinical Need

Many diseases, injuries or birth defects compromise mobility of children. First of all Cerebral palsy (CP), which has an incidence of 3.6 per 1,000 live births in developed nations. Furthermore, there are neuromuscular disorders, Spina bifida, paralysis and spinal cord injuries. Compromised mobility of afflicted children represents a drastic impact in terms of social interaction and quality of life. Cardiovascular health and bone structure are negatively impacted. Availability of walking aids for mobility training from very young age is important.

But also adults and elderly need walkers. Some might still be affected by above conditions from birth and continue to rely on support for walking. Others have developed mobility impairments with age, for example due to stroke or neurological disorders.

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The Solution


FROG addresses fatigue and eliminates the need for frequent assisted transfers when using conventional gait trainers by incorporating a resting seat.


An integrated, patented weight-compensation mechanism enables easy and autonomous transition from sitting to standing and vice versa.


When seated, the compensation mechanism exercises a counter force against the weight of the user, assisting in standing up.


The mechanism provides space for walking and easy access for the next deployment, stabilizing the user in transition from sitting to standing.

Product Features
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Erin’s Active Life with FROG

Erin blog image

Meet Erin from Orlando, Florida, USA, our most mature user of the Voyar FROG so far! Erin is 18 years old and has been using walkers since she underwent surgery to remove a tumor at 4 years of age. Since then she has impaired motor skills. She uses a gait trainer for most of her mobility, at school, stores, walking around the neighbourhood and community, attending parties, etc. Her family lifestyle is very active and outdoors oriented, and this is also reflected in Erin’s life. Her mother Cathy explains: “Most gait trainers are not useful for long distances because if

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